Having a Triberr nightmare…

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Triberr – I was invited to join several months ago by a very fine writer and blogger by the name of Bert Carson, and I was delighted to accept. The technicalities of Triberr go waaaay over my head, but basically you join groups (or – duhhh – tribes) of like-minded people, and you help each other out by tweeting links to everyone’s posts. So their followers get to hear about your blog and your followers get to hear about theirs, and with any luck you all benefit by reaching a far wider audience.  Great system.  And it’s certainly worked well for me – I know that quite a few of the people who have chanced upon this blog have done so entirely because of Triberr.

However…I appear to have hit some sort of a glitch with it.  My last post – ‘The delights of the deadline’ – has got stuck in a groove, like vinyl records of old (if you can remember that far back…) and keeps getting reposted. Several of my tribemates are sending this post out day after day – without even being aware that they’re doing it, and for the life of me I can’t find out how to stop it.

In a sense it’s been quite good, because the post has had many more hits than I would normally expect it to receive – but I do fear that it’s starting to look very spammy, both for me and for those innocent tribemates who are sending it out quite by accident.

Also – and this is truly ironic – the title of the post keeps getting subbed down to ‘The delights of the dead’…

Nightmare logo

Nightmare logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

so I suspect many zombie and horror fans have come to visit and been very disappointed to find a resolutely Gore-Free Zone!

I have tried to contact the head honchos at Triberr, but my pleas for help don’t seem to have reached the right spot – so I’m kind of hoping this post might do the trick. In the meantime – my apologies to anyone who’s fed up to the back teeth of seeing the link to ‘delights of the deadline’ over and over again – all I can say is – It’s not my fault, honest!


Think Naked Gun…

…and if the very name makes you smile, I’ll know you’re remembering the crazy films starring Leslie Nielsen

English: Actor Leslie Nielsen 1982 in a first ...

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and Priscilla Presley.

English: Photo of Priscilla Presley at Chicago...

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I’m not always the greatest fan of comedy, but this series – especially the first – was brilliant.



So how has The Naked Gun found its way into my blog? Via an American writer called Kris Wampler, that’s how.  Kris is the author of a book called Love Train – and if you read this bit of blurb, I reckon you’ll swiftly see why it’s been compared to Naked Gun!

When he boarded the 10:45 train, Vic Steelbrass had just one mission: learn PowerPoint by the time he reached New York. But when Anastasia Romanov walked into his life, fate handed him a different mission. Suddenly, he has to seduce a beautiful Russian, foil a madman’s bomb plot, AND learn PowerPoint. With countless – or at least more than a few – lives on the line, Steelbrass must prove love is worth believing in…and kill a whole lot of bad guys in the process. He woke that morning as just your average, ex-millionaire, alligator-wrestling, skydiving businessman. But his life would be forever changed when he bought a ticket on…the LOVE TRAIN!

Still not clear why Kris should be starring on my blog?  Simples – I’m currently starring on his! Kris was kind enough to interview me for his blog – and if you’d like to read the result, please do visit http://kriswampler.wordpress.com/my-books

And – if that little sample of Love Train has whetted your appetite to find out if that average, ex-millionaire, alligator-wrestling, skydiving businessman ever does learn how to do PowerPoint presentations – you can find Love Train at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Train-ebook/dp/B005X3G3PK/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1328710871&sr=1-1

PS – I’ve got one other reason for becoming a member of the Kris Wampler fan club – he owns Old English Sheepdogs! Clearly a man who knows a cool pooch when he sees one…