Forbidden Love and Other Stories

Forbidden Love and Other Stories is my first – and tenth. Why? Because it’s my first self-published book but I have had nine others published by Mills and Boon.  Also –  Forbidden Love is the first to be published under my own name – the Mills and Booners were all under my pen-name Rachel Elliot.

All the publishing rights to my M&&B books have now reverted back to me which is really exciting and I’m looking forward to making them available to a whole new audience. However – my plan is to rewrite them all to a certain extent, to update them and freshen them up a bit. So please watch this space!

I’m also working on two other books. The first is called ‘The Best Afternoon Ever!’ and it’s another collection of short stories, but this time with the emphasis on sweet rather than saucy, nice rather than naughty.  If you imagine my books on a curry scale with gentle Korma at one end and sizzling Vindaloo at the other – Forbidden Love would fall somewhere in the middle.  It’s probably a Chicken Tikka Masala.  Best Afternoon will be a Korma or maybe a Biryani at most.  This is partly because I like to give readers the choice – and partly so my Mum can still hold her head high when she goes to W.I. meetings!

The second book I’m working on is called Dark Tide – and I began it during NaNoWriMo last year.  I was a NaNo newbie and highly delighted to make it over the 50k finishing line by November 30.  However – there’s still a lot of work to be done.  It won’t really be like any of my other books – it’s a little darker and without much in the way of romance. But – my regular readers won’t be at all surprised to hear there is a horse in it – so some things never change!


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