Having a Triberr nightmare…

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Triberr – I was invited to join several months ago by a very fine writer and blogger by the name of Bert Carson, and I was delighted to accept. The technicalities of Triberr go waaaay over my head, but basically you join groups (or – duhhh – tribes) of like-minded people, and you help each other out by tweeting links to everyone’s posts. So their followers get to hear about your blog and your followers get to hear about theirs, and with any luck you all benefit by reaching a far wider audience.  Great system.  And it’s certainly worked well for me – I know that quite a few of the people who have chanced upon this blog have done so entirely because of Triberr.

However…I appear to have hit some sort of a glitch with it.  My last post – ‘The delights of the deadline’ – has got stuck in a groove, like vinyl records of old (if you can remember that far back…) and keeps getting reposted. Several of my tribemates are sending this post out day after day – without even being aware that they’re doing it, and for the life of me I can’t find out how to stop it.

In a sense it’s been quite good, because the post has had many more hits than I would normally expect it to receive – but I do fear that it’s starting to look very spammy, both for me and for those innocent tribemates who are sending it out quite by accident.

Also – and this is truly ironic – the title of the post keeps getting subbed down to ‘The delights of the dead’…

Nightmare logo

Nightmare logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

so I suspect many zombie and horror fans have come to visit and been very disappointed to find a resolutely Gore-Free Zone!

I have tried to contact the head honchos at Triberr, but my pleas for help don’t seem to have reached the right spot – so I’m kind of hoping this post might do the trick. In the meantime – my apologies to anyone who’s fed up to the back teeth of seeing the link to ‘delights of the deadline’ over and over again – all I can say is – It’s not my fault, honest!


9 thoughts on “Having a Triberr nightmare…

  1. I wondered what had happened, Gilly, and I almost contacted you to say you’re blog had been spammed – glad that’s all it is! I’m supposed to be considering triberr but not sure now.

  2. Triberr’s great Ros – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it – but this is just an annoying glitch. I’m sure things will be fine when I eventually get it cleared up (touch wood!)

  3. Hi Gilly,
    Just wanted to let you know that I saw your email this morning, and we are looking into this. We’ll get it fixed up.

    In the mean time, we have added back the ability to delete posts in your “My Posts” page, so at least you can manually control imported posts.

    I’ll use email to keep you updated on what we find.

    • Yaaay – result! Thank you Dan, I really appreciate that – and I hope you won’t be annoyed that I ‘went public’ with this – but people were really starting to ask what was going on, so it was the only way I could explain to all.

    • Hi again Dan – Don’t know if you’ve spotted it, but Delights of the Deadline appears to have stopped repeating itself – but now Having a Triberr nightmare has taken over in its stead! I’m no techno – but I suspect the answer lies in the word ‘interesting’, which was tagged on by one of the other tribemembers. The word has now attached itself to the Triberr nightmare post as well – and if left to run, would replicate itself, to become ‘interesting, interesting, interesting…’ you get the drift.

  4. I almost contacted you too, but glad to see it’s being sorted – love the thought of disappointed gore-fans heading to your site as a result of your shortened title. Maybe you could add a vampire or two to your next post?!

    • Hi Kathy Lyn – You’d think that would work – but I’ve been diligently deleting off the post for several days now – and it keeps popping back up with a big goofy grin on its face! Also – to make things worse – for some reason it’s scheduled itself to go out at about 2am (my time) so I can’t be there to delete it as soon as it appears.
      However – update on the situation – there’s no sign of the delights of the deadline post today – but this one (Triberr nightmare) is now reappearing in its place – and also with the word ‘interesting’ as a prefix – which I didn’t add. Definitely bizarre…

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