An artist I most definitely am not…

…but I decided to try my hand at something vaguely creative as a birthday present for my husband Malcolm. Come to think of it I’m not exactly a techno whizz-kid either and this particular task called for both sets of skills so it’s surprising I didn’t just give up before I started and settle for a bottle of wine and a box of chocs instead.

Anyway – I do love taking photographs and I do love bumbling about on Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, so I decided to see where that might take me.  This is the result…

I suppose you could call it a snapshot of some of the most important things in his life. The central pic shows Mal on his best ever horse Shady Canadian, doing what they loved the best – flying over high jumps. His three (grown-up) kids are all there – plus our dogs and cats – there’s a shot of him and his mate Mike – they play in the band Silver Foxx together – and in the top left-hand corner, one of him and me looking a little bit smoochy.  What do you reckon?

The photo was turned into a canvas pic (found an online company doing a special offer so that was a result to please my Aberdonian heart!) – and I’m pleased with it. Makes a change from socks anyway!


12 thoughts on “An artist I most definitely am not…

    • Thank you David – I enjoyed telling a story in photographs instead of words for a change – and in fact every individual pic on there has its own story. I’ll definitely do some more – simply because it was fun and a different sort of creative challenge.

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