Well hello Hogmanay…

…and how on earth did you get here so quickly?  I was just getting used to it being 2011, now the bells will soon be ringing to usher in 2012.  So – traditionally it’s the time to look forward and backwards at the same time – good job I’m a Gemini!

I’ll remember 2011 as the Year of Challenges.  It all kicked off when the Cumbrian Endurance Group challenged me to do a 40k ride. Now I am a horse-rider (albeit not a very good one…) and I’m never happier than when I’m with my horses, so this wasn’t exactly a hardship for me. However, it did call for a lot of work, getting myself and my ex-racehorse Bounce into condition for the ride.  40k doesn’t sound too excessive – but this particular ride was round Ullswater and took in Loadpot Hill, which even experienced endurance riders seemed to talk of in hushed whispers.  It turned out to be a great experience, even though my arms may never return to their proper length after being pulled out of their sockets by my very enthusiastic horse – almost the whole way round! However I definitely want to do more long-distance riding this year – and may even manage to persuade my showjumping husband to join me – sometimes.

The next challenge was thrown down by my good chum Kim Inglis – she decided it was about time I was introduced to the delights of proper hill-climbing – and this time, without the aid of a horse. I did think she’d let me start gradually – but no. She and her lovely Dad took me up Skiddaw – the fourth highest mountain in England thanks very much!  Once again – it was an experience I wouldn’t have missed, even though the weather was awful and we couldn’t see a foot in front of us when we finally reached the summit.  Hey Ho.  My enduring memory of that day will always be reciting Scottish poetry with Kim’s Dad as we walked back down Skiddaw – and then (of course) headed to the pub.

And then – there was NaNoWriMo.  I managed to stay warm and dry for this one and it didn’t require any physical exertion – but it was still a huge challenge nevertheless. Writing 50,000 words in a month does require real dedication – and I’m proud I managed to do it.  The next challenge of course is to take those words and turn them into a book – and that’s the first thing I’m aiming to do in 2012.  I haven’t allowed myself to look at the 50k words since NaNo finished – though the temptation’s been just about overwhelming! I want to sit down in January and read them with fresh, objective eyes. So be warned – the next post may well be a long wail of misery from me if those words turn out to be twaddle!

In the meantime however – have a very very Happy New Year – and I’ll see you on the other side!


One thought on “Well hello Hogmanay…

  1. Hi Gilly and a Happy New Year to you – and all the way through.
    Saw lots of pretty pics of you in the Dumfries & Galloway Life.
    MAYBE we shall see you in person one of these day when writers lunch.

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