Wish I Was There…but where?

This is a very special day for my good chum Janice Horton – because it’s launch-day for her brand new book ‘Reaching For The Stars.’

As part of the celebrations, Janice has invited her blogging chums to indulge themselves by imagining where they would like to go to if they could escape the winter chills – and there are no restrictions on choice – cost is absolutely no barrier.

Oh what a delicious quandary – so many wonderful places to choose from.  Which one shall I go for…will it be Tasmania? Or Kentucky? Venice perhaps? Or shall I stay closer to home and visit the beautiful Isle of Arran?

Well – I’m going to exercise my Gemini prerogative – and pick two places. The first – really isn’t so very far away at all – in fact I could be there in about ten minutes. And I have been there in all sorts of weathers. One memorable year actually found me riding my horse there – as huge white snowflakes swirled around us. It was a strangely magical and surreal experience. But for my fantasy – I’ll choose a sunny day – just like the one in the photo.


So – choice number one is Silloth Beach in Cumbria – it’s a lovely place anyway, but lovelier still when framed by the ears of a horse…




Choice number 2 – on a yacht called Valerie with three of my best chums – Kim, Sue and Sarah sailing to Capri. We called ourselves The Sorrento Four and revelled in every crazy, joyous, life-affirming second of it all.




Hey ho – a girl can dream. In reality I’m sitting in a wee village in Cumbria – the skies are grey and ominous and the weather forecast doesn’t bear thinking about. But I can still pour myself a glass of Fizz (none of the virtual stuff on such an important day thank you very much!) and drink a toast to Janice and ‘Wishing For The Stars.’  Can’t wait to read it!

I know Janice will make you very welcome indeed if you pop over to her blog to find out more about her new book – you’ll find her at http://www.janicehortonwriter.blogspot.com




5 thoughts on “Wish I Was There…but where?

  1. Hi Gilly! What a lovely post – I so want to join you with your ‘Wish I Was Here…’ because I love horses (I once owned an eventer called Charlie, did I ever tell you that?) and would love a good gallop down a Cumbrian beach and if you’d have me I’d love to be in your Sorrento group (can it be a Five?) because you all look to be having a blast! A fab post!
    Thanks for your lovely support! Love, Janice xx

  2. Love the post! Two totally different yet interesting places to wish you were. I’ve not ridden a horse in years (used to as a teen regularly) and you gals do look like you’re having a wonderful time there together.

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