I’m a Winner!

Yipiddy-doo-dah-day – I’m a Winner!  I’ve done my 50,000 words, so I can now officially call myself a NaNoWriMo winner – and I can download a special certificate to hang on my wall – which I will do with pride, no hiding it away in the downstairs loo for me!

The book – which I’ve called Dark Tide – is by no means finished. I haven’t even reached the final scene yet and there’s still a vast amount to do – rewriting, tweaking, developing some strands, tying up loose ends, switching the order of some scenes and ditching others altogether – etcetera etcetera.  But that’s all for another day (or more accurately – another month.) For the moment I’m content to savour the satisfaction of knowing that I took on the challenge and won.

It’s actually been a real joy. To my surprise I did manage (pretty much) to banish the inner editor (that’s the polite name for him) who generally sits on my shoulder and criticises every word I write. I think every writer probably has one – and to be fair, as much as I often hate his presence, I value it as well, because he doesn’t just let me chuck down any old words on the page (though those who have to read the stuff may beg to differ…)

NaNoWriMo doesn’t just give you permission to jettison the inner critic – it downright insists that you do, because if you’ve got just a month to get 50,000 words down, then frankly you don’t have time to worry too much about their quality. There will be plenty of time for all that later, so instead of sitting gazing at a computer keyboard for twenty minutes wondering how best to have a character say or do something – you just make them say or do it any old how and worry about tarting it up later. That’s liberation – well it has been for me anyway.

I’ve promised myself I’m not going to look at the 50,000 words till January. Then I’ll see them with fresh eyes. Of course I may be horrified – I may wonder how on earth I managed to write such unremitting tosh. But I hope not.  I really hope I’ll find something of merit, something I can work on and build on and finally turn into a book called Dark Tide. And when I’ve done all that – I’ll get my good friend Wendy to come up with another of her ace cover illustrations – and I’ll self-publish the book.

But for now – where’s that bottle of champagne – I’m a WINNER!




11 thoughts on “I’m a Winner!

  1. Congratulations, Gilly. I wish I could say I had written 50,000 words over the last month, but I’m afraid that’s not possible. I have loads of admiration for your ability to stick with it and I look forward to hearing your verdict on the 50,000 words in January. I’ll bet they’re better than you think.

    • Hi Gwen – and sorry for taking so long to reply – I’m a bad blogger! Best-seller – hmmm, that would be a big ask – but I’ll be well chuffed if I get the book I want out of it…

  2. That’s fantastic, Gilly – what an achievement. I’m sure you’ll have a saleable book from it. I never expected to reach 50,000 but I have improved my daily writing habit and moved my novel on quite a bit!

    • Thank you Ros – this is a terribly belated reply – really glad to hear you got a lot out of the NaNo experience as well. I personally think that’s really what it’s all about.

    • Kit I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to reply to your very kind comments – I’ve been under a massively heavy cosh since finishing NaNo – trying to get everything else done that was ignored during November!

  3. Fantastic! Not only are you a winner, but you were a winner five days early! Woop woop. I hope you’re still on a high…you deserve it 🙂

    • Aargh – See I can manage 50,000 words in a month – but apparently not so great when it comes to replying to comments – duhh! Anyway – thank you very much for your kind words and all your support – and you’re a winnerr too – YAAY for us!

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