There are all sorts of love stories…

…and I am chuffed to bits that an award-winning American novelist has given me the opportunity to talk about some of the greatest loves in my life on her blog.

Miss Mae writes romantic fiction – and since the lady herself is definitely on the enigmatic side, it makes sense that her stories have more than a hint of mystery to them.  However, she ‘s also a great animal lover, and her blog has a special section devoted to all sorts of critturs. When she invited me to write a piece about my dogs – I was only too happy to oblige!

My contribution begins…

He was a four-months old Collie/Labrador pup.

I was a 20-something trainee Journalist living on my own in a small flat in the heart of Aberdeen – not a big city as cities go, but a city nevertheless. 

My home was far from perfect for a lively young dog who wanted to run and play and investigate all the interesting things the world had to offer.

But it was the only home on offer.

‘If you don’t take him,’ they said…and raised their eyebrows to indicate heaven knew what.

So I took him.

If you’d like to know what happens next… please go to Miss Mae’s site at – it’s well worth a visit and not just because of my doggy tales!

PS If you’re wondering how I’m getting on with NaNo – I’m now at 44,215 words (to be precise…) so I hope the finishing line is in sight – but I could still trip over my own feet and fall flat on my face before I get there – so no champagne yet. But boy am I enjoying the journey – and I’ll tell you much more about it – once I’ve reached the 50,000. (Superstitious – moi? Whatever gave you that idea…)




2 thoughts on “There are all sorts of love stories…

  1. Well done on your achievement so far. I have every confidence that the champagne will be opened soon!

    As a border collie lover and owner of 4, I’m heading straight over to Miss Mae’s blog.

    CJ xx

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