Even in the midst of NaNo…

… the rest of life must go on. Which for me includes sleeping, horse-riding, mucking out stables, cooking and eating, shopping, seeing family and housework. Okay – I lied about the last one – but the rest all has to be done plus lots more. As well as trying to keep my NaNo word-count high this week, I have given a talk to a WI group about a long-distance ride I did with Clydesdale horses, attended a marketing meeting with Paragon Vets, signed copies of Forbidden Love at Canonbie Craft Fair along with the book’s illustrator – my great chum Wendy – oh yes, and filmed a brilliant, crazy, completely mind-blowing version of Stars In Their Eyes in Newcastleton.

For anyone not lucky enough to know Newcastleton – or Copshaw as it’s perhaps better known – it’s simply one of the best places in the world. A wee village in the Scottish Borders, well off the beaten track, it’s friendly and funny and hospitable and I was lucky enough to live there for ten years and still think of it as my second home.

On saturday night, the ‘cream’ of the village’s talent appeared on stage in the village hall with acts ranging from Frank Sinatra to Wham to John Travolta & Olivia Newton John.

The night belonged to Freddie Mercury in drag singing ‘I Want To Break Free’, but I confess my vote went to the best Mick Jagger I’ve ever seen (actually he was even better than the real thing…)

It was a great show – but now I have to attempt to edit the filming into a DVD – in between doing all of the other things listed above – and of course NaNo. Hey Ho.

Happily (and I’m touching wood, crossing fingers etc as I say this…) NaNo is going well so far. I’ve passed the 20,000 word mark – and although I’ll be happier still when I get to 25,000 and know I’m halfway – I’m still pretty pleased with that.  But please please keep the support and the good wishes coming in – they are so much appreciated!


5 thoughts on “Even in the midst of NaNo…

  1. Hi Gilly – the night out sounded like an absolute hoot!

    Huge congrats on your word count so far – but no slacking now – I’m watching and cheering you on!

  2. I am so pleased you clarified the housework bit…….would have had to put yout readers straight otherwise!!!!! Really proud of you, keep writing, can’t wait to read!!

  3. Gilly! What a crazy, fantastic week! Wish I was in Newcastleton on Saturday night, sounds like it was a rockin’ rolickin’ side-splittin’ time. This just makes your wordcount all the more impressive. I’m with Mary on the weekend keyboard rattling. My ‘The Wordcount’ be with you….

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