NaNoWriMo – two days in…

…two days in and 6,090 words down! Please allow me to enjoy just that one little moment of feeling chuffed with myself. I know it won’t last.  I know I’ll hit the wall, or the trough, or quite possibly even the slough of despond, but right at this moment I’m feeling good.

I started immediately after midnight on November 1 – that in itself was something of a miracle because I’m really not a night bird and midnight usually finds me cosily wrapped in the arms of Morpheus.  I hadn’t actually told my husband Malcolm at that stage that I was going to be doing NaNo – I knew his inevitable reaction would be one of horrified amazement because he knows my days are full to overflowing already without adding in the need to write 50,000 words over the course of 30 of them.  However, my game was up – when he walked into the living room at 1130pm – to find me apparently engrossed in watching a football match.

‘Okay,’  he said. ‘What have you got to tell me?’

Actually his reaction was a lot more positive than I’d expected.  He kept the remonstrations to the absolute minimum and within a few minutes was discussing plotlines and strategies with me. Since then he’s even come up with a few ideas for my characters – so he’s turning into a real NaNo buddy – go Malcolm!


14 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – two days in…

  1. How come you’ve still got time to blog for heaven’s sake? Though I suppose I shouldn’t be spending time reading blogs when I, too, have a novel to write this month. Well done to you for making such a good start.

    • Thanks Mary – you’re so right, I’ve barely got time to scratch my nose, let alone write blog entries – and then there’s the horses to muck out…
      Amazingly though – I’m really enjoying it – for the moment at least.

  2. Good for you! Love the story of your DH saying ‘what have you go to tell me?’ And how brilliant that he’s so supportive. Mine was great last year, and became so involved that he’s doing it himself this year! Keep going and good luck!

    • Makes all the difference in the world when you’ve got someone in your corner – especially if they’re happy to listen to you burble on about plots and storylines and bloody characters who won’t do what they’re supposed to do!

  3. Haha – if I mention to my dh about characters and plots lines – and especially about characters not doing as they are supposed to – he just looks at me strangely and gently accuses me of talking those ‘other people’ in my head again!

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