The countdown’s well and truly on…

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Midnight on Halloween can generally lay claim to being the single scariest time of the year – when demons roar and broomsticks fly, ghosties and ghouls go dancing and cavorting and witches do their wicked, witchly worst. It’s a time for all good people to be tucked up in their beds with the covers drawn over their heads.

However. This year the scariest moment of the year – in our house and in many others throughout the land – is going to be immediately after midnight – on November 1. Because that’s when National Novel Writing Month officially begins.  That’s when I have to commit the first words of a brand new story to paper (or more likely computer screen) – and somehow keep on going till I reach 50,000. I don’t have to do them all in one sitting – heavens no.  I’ve got a full month.  Thirty whole days.  Which apparently averages out at 1,667 words per day.   A doddle, I tell you – an absolute doddle. Yeah right.  If you believe that, I might just try to interest you in a nice little deal involving London Bridge…

You’ll gather from the above that I have made up my mind. After days of pondering and swithering and occasionally even pontificating to anyone foolish enough to listen, I have decided to take up the NaNoWriMo challenge.  I must say – I’ve been really touched by the amount of support I’ve received so far – people genuinely seem to think I can do it!  Thank you for that.  The other fantastic thing is the camaraderie of other NaNoWriMo’ers.  I’ve spoken to quite a few on forums, and we’re kindred spirits (a nice way of saying – we’re all completely daft…)

People are approaching the challenge in different ways – some have their stories planned to the n’th degree – others will fly by the seat of their pants, sitting down on November 1 without so much as a title.

I do have my main characters sorted out in my head – finding the right names was a bit of a struggle, but I think I’ve nailed those as well.  The plot’s a bit vague at this stage, but I inevitably find that my characters swiftly take on a life of their own and go dancing off in completely different directions anyway, leaving me trailing in their wake muttering ‘But you weren’t supposed to do that! How on earth am I supposed to get you out of that pickle?’ But to me that’s all part of the fun of writing.

The fun of writing.  I have a feeling that phrase may come back to haunt me many times in November!  Please do stick with me – and feel free to send advice, morale-boosts or even the odd (virtual) kick up the backside when you deem it necessary.  I will be grateful – honestly!

Oh by the way – I now have Forbidden Love and Other Stories as a book – an actual, physical book – thanks to the good people at Completely Novel.  If you’d like a copy you can buy it straight from them or leave me a note in comments and I’ll get right back to you.  Here’s the cover…

and here’s the back cover… 


7 thoughts on “The countdown’s well and truly on…

  1. Glad to see you’re joined up, Gilly! What’s your name on NaNo? I’m RosGem. Completely novel sounds interesting too – need to hear more about that! All the best with NaNo – I’ll be joining you in the exciting (!) journey of seeing where characters take their story since I have no idea.

  2. Good luck, Gilly. Totally, against my better judgement, I’ve also signed up. No idea what I’m going to be writing – have no plot yet. But, whenever I’m stuck I’ll remember Gilly says writing is fun!

  3. Can I just say a very big sorry to anyone who received the unedited version of this post in error – it had an extremely unfortunate typo in the title. I won’t elaborate – except to say that a missing ‘o’ can make an awful big difference to a word. I was horrified when I spotted the mistake – so I really hope no-one was offended.
    Just goes to show the enormous importance of proofreading!

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