In which we interrupt normal service…

to bring you an exciting announcement!

Well it’s definitely exciting to me.  My book ‘Forbidden Love and Other Stories’ is now available on Amazon for download to Kindle. customers can buy it here…

You can also get it through Smashwords if you have a Sony or a Nook or an IPad or just about any of the other e-readers in existence…by clicking here…

If you don’t have any of the above, you can actually download a Kindle App onto you computer – FOR FREE – and read away to your heart’s content.

However – if none of those options appeals…there’s more.  The cd of Forbidden Love is also now available – it’s on MP3 CD format which basically means it can be played on all computers, laptops etc, and on MP3 CD players.  It won’t play on older CD players which aren’t MP3. We’ve done it on MP3 simply because you can get the whole lot onto one disc instead of half a dozen!  If you’re interested in a CD, you can order one direct from me, so please leave me a message and I’ll get right back to you with details.

And no – I’m not ignoring actual, physical, hold-them-in-your-hands and turn-the-pages books.  Believe me, I may now be a great Kindle convert, but I’ll never lose my love for books, as you would promptly see if you visited my house and saw the poor thing groaning under the weight of its many bookshelves! Forbidden Love isn’t quite ready in book form yet – but soon will be, so I’ll report back on that.

I’m monumentally chuffed about this for several reasons really.  For one thing, learning what you need to know about self-publishing is quite a herculean task (well it has been for me anyway).  I don’t even pretend I’ve got it totally sussed yet – but I’m actually enjoying the process, even though it can be desperately frustrating with lots of three-steps-forward and four-steps-back along the way.

Secondly – I was lucky enough to have nine books published by Mills and Boon, but it’s always rankled with me that I didn’t make it to the round figure of 10.  So – this is effectively my tenth book, but in another sense it’s the first – and I really hope it’s the first of many.


4 thoughts on “In which we interrupt normal service…

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  2. Hello again, Gilly. I just found you on Janice’s blog; I’m a fellow author on where I was fortunate enough to meet Janice, albeit online.

    I have a Kindle and will definitely be downloading your book.
    Great to meet you.
    (aka Crystal Jigsaw)

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