My book has a voice!

And it belongs to this lovely lady.

This is Kim Inglis – she used to be a Reporter/Presenter with ITV Tyne-Tees, but now works freelance, doing a wide variety of media-related assignments.

Kim’s a great friend as well as a colleague and partner in several projects. We have a regular show on BBC Radio Cumbria – called Gilly & Kim Let Loose, and we’ve co-produced a number of video projects on subjects ranging from Showjumping to Solar Panels.

Now Kim’s the voice on my first audio-book ‘Forbidden Love and Other Stories’ – and I think she’s done a terrific job.  I’ve uploaded a short extract from the book and you can listen to it now by just clicking the player icon below. Please let me know what you think!


10 thoughts on “My book has a voice!

  1. Soooo impressed at you uploading a clip Gilly! Talk about getting caught up in the moment when we did the initial recordings! Hope people enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed putting the audio book together!

    • Maggie – that’s so kind of you. A writer couldn’t possibly hear anything nicer than ‘give me more!’ I can honestly say I’m having great fun playing with all the new toys that this brave new world of publishing has to offer, but no matter how amazing the technological breakthroughs, the reader (or listener) will always have the last say. And that’s exactly as it should be!

  2. That’s really great! Kim has a very clear and well paced voice and has done a great job. What a super idea to do an audio version. Now I want to know what happens next – his voice is jammed with a log for goodness sakes – and who is the girl he just spotted. I want more!!!
    Janice xx

  3. Awww – thanks Kim! Probably the thing I’m loving most about self-publishing is the amazing freedom it affords the writer. it’s no longer a case of writing your story and sending it out into the wide blue yonder without so much as a fare-thee-well. Instead, I’ve been able to choose my own team – you to voice the stories and Wendy to illustrate them and that makes them even more special to me. Xx

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