My book has a cover…

One of Wendy's lovely paintings on slate.

…that’s it you can see above, now taking the place of the random pix WordPress so kindly supplies. It’s the work of my very good chum Wendy Patterson, who actually specialises in painting Scottish wildlife scenes on slate, so this is a new departure for her.

I first met Wendy more than 20 years ago when I owned and ran a wee pony-trekking centre in the Scottish Borders. She lived in the nearby village, but she was at my place as often as her Mum would allow, because she was madly in love with one of my ponies – a very pretty little Welsh Mountain called Thimble.  The two of them made a very sweet picture!

Wendy now has two young children of her own and she’s doing a great job of passing on her love of horses, dogs and wildlife to them.

I’m really delighted Wendy’s done the cover illustration – I had nine books published with Mills and Boon (under the pen-name of Rachel Elliot) and while I could find no fault with any of their covers – I never really felt they were mine, because I’d had no say whatsoever in their design.  Working with Wendy is so different – she took my ideas and interpreted them in her own way – a way she knew I would love. I hope this is just the start of a long and happy collaboration.

As you’ll gather from the title ‘Forbidden Love – and other stories’, this book is actually a collection of short stories.  The main one is about bad-boy rockstar Jake Lee and his first love.  Wendy and I had great fun deciding what sort of guitar he should be carrying!

The plan is to publish as an e-book – probably via Smashwords so that it can go onto various readers – but to also do print-on-demand for readers who prefer to have a proper, physical book – and it will be on audiobook, which brings me neatly to the third member of the gang.

TV reporter and presenter Kim Inglis is the voice on the audio version of Forbidden Love and Other Stories – and she does a fantastic job.  I’ll tell you more about Kim in the next instalment – and, if I can get my head round the technology, I’ll upload a sample of the book. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “My book has a cover…

  1. This is fantastic Gilly – I love the cover pic!
    I cant’ wait to download your collection to my Kindle and am interested in you doing an indie audio book – now that’s innovative!
    Janice x

  2. Thanks Janice – I’m in the very fortunate position of having a wee recording studio at home (thanks to musician husband) – and I thought it would be a good idea to have audio-books when I go out to do talks to various groups. I also want some print-on-demand ones – have you done any of those?

  3. This is looking nice – love the doggy pic, I used to work on slate and it was tricky but such lovely texture.

    Authors, cover art and who gets a say have been in the news a lot this week with a Harper Collins author actually leaving the company over her inappropriate Chick Lit covers. So you’re not alone in wanting to be more involved.

    Karen xxx

  4. Thanks Karen – I have no artistic talent whatsoever and greatly envy those who do. Wendy has done lots of beautiful pictures for me over the years – mostly of my horses. The slate art is amazing – so effective.
    I’ve just paid a quick trip to Turkey (on the magic carpet of your blog) and loved your gardening stories. One question – if you cut yourself on aloe vera will the plant’s healing properties make it all better for you?

    • Thanks Rosemary – and I agree, Wendy really is talented. She’s done lots of drawings of horses for me – and they’re all gorgeous! I’ve just added new instalment to blog, with short extract of audiobook – I’ve really addled my brain to accomplish this feat! Please have a listen – and let me know what you think. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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