Following in the footsteps…

I’m very proud to say that I write regularly for D&G Life – a magazine which covers beautiful Dumfries and Galloway and in 2009 won the accolade of Scottish Magazine of the Year. I do features on a variety of subjects – including a series on towns and villages in the region – and I always try to make sure any animal stories are sent my way.

I also have my own column in D&G Life and pretty much a free rein to choose my own subject which has allowed me to write about everything from climbing Skiddaw to discussing shoes with a transvestite in Sorrento.  I generally avoid writing about anything in the news because the column has to be submitted several weeks before the magazine is printed, so there’s a risk that the topic could be pretty dated by the time people get to read it.

I made an exception for the news-hacking scandal, because I wanted to say a word in defence of journalists – not the gutter-hacks who go to despicable lengths to get their exclusives – but those reporters who genuinely put themselves in danger to get to the truth no matter how unpalatable.

I also wrote a column about the riots which tore apart several cities this summer – trying and failing along with everyone else to make sense of the absolutely inexplicable.

This month though I’m back on happier and more familiar territory – namely romance and the writing thereof.  I wrote a wee bit about Reclaim The Romance – but angled the column mainly on the need for writers nowadays to get involved in marketing.  I was happy to cite the excellent example of my friend Janice Horton (from Dumfriesshire). She is a veritable pioneer in this vast uncharted territory and I’m delighted to follow along in her footsteps, benefiting from her experiences which she’s generous enough to share freely.

Janice Horton with her lovely West Highland Terriers

If you like your romance leavened with a touch of sassy humour and if you particularly enjoy a Scottish setting – then get yourself a copy of Bagpipes and Bullshot – Janice’s current bestseller.  You can find out more at – and if you drop by, tell her I sent you!


16 thoughts on “Following in the footsteps…

  1. Oh wow – I’m honoured to be mentioned – and appear – on your new blog, Gilly. Thank you very much and I shall look forward to featuring in your DG Life column too. How exciting!

    • Hi Janice – thanks for joining Reclaim The Romance! Now that I’ve finally got started, I’m really enjoying this foray back into the world of romance. Now I just have to get my head round formatting for Kindle – though that may take some time…

  2. Your writing sounds wonderful; I’d love to write to write for one of our local magazines. I’m in north Northumberland so both mainly cover country aspects.

    Having already read Janice’s book, I can honestly confirm that it is a wonderful read. I visit the Highlands every year with my family so found it very easy to transport myself into the tranquil way of life on the Buchanan estate.

    CJ xx

    • Hello CJ – and thank you very much for your kind words. I do love writing for D&G Life – it’s a lovely magazine, and I think it hots the spot beautifully for the area it covers. Have you tried submitting anything to your local mags? Northumberland is so gorgeous, it must be teeming with inspirational ideas!

  3. Great new blog! Will be adding the link to mine and be checking back regularly for new posts.

    I have Janice’s book on the Kindle app for the ipad. I read back in April and absolutely loved it!

    • Hello – and thank you for dropping by. Janice’s Westies are gorgeous aren’t they? I have two dogs – one’s a 12 year old rescue German Shepherd/Retriever called Zara and the other is a daft young Black Lab called Dixie. We also have a grown up cat and a kitten and several horses – so as you can imagine, life is never dull!

  4. Is the world ready for what could be a new ‘tour de force’ as Gilly gets tips from Janice in ebook marketing (laugh)? Of course we’re ready and looking forward to it Gilly! I may need to fortify myself with a wee dram first though, as I’m still wind-swept from running fast in an attempt to follow Janice myself! How DOES she do it? Lovely to ‘meet’ you!

    • Hi Linn – Just made a quick trip to see your blog but will have to return with plenty of time (and preferably a wee dram) as it looks fascinating! How does Janice do it? Haven’t a clue – but hoping to learn or at least to grab a few scattered bits of advice as she goes hurtling past. Lovely to meet you too – do drop by again!

  5. Hi Chris – thanks for visiting – and thanks for putting such a fantastic guide to formatting for Kindle on the Writers Forum. Really helpful and really straightforward – unlike many of the other guides I’ve seen which could have been written in Sanskrit!
    Now I know you like your books on the dark side – but if you do ever fancy a bit of frivolity – please do come back and visit!

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