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George Clooney at the 2009 Venice Film Festival

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I’m at the very beginning of my campaign to Reclaim The Romance – and I’m curious to know what people think of the whole notion.

Last week I gave a talk to a group of W.I. ladies in Dumfries – it was actually about a long-distance ride I did a few years ago on Clydesdale horses – but romance knows no boundaries, so I decided to set them a short questionnaire.

I asked if they liked romantic novels and if so, did they have a favourite category.

I asked them to choose a favourite hero – alive or dead, fact or fiction. I said they couldn’t have George Clooney because I’d bagged him already (oh the fantasies the romantic writer can weave…)

In a spirit of equality – I also asked for a favourite heroine.

Name of favourite writer.

And finally the crunch question – did they prefer their romantic novels to be nice – or naughty.

The answers were illuminating. Happily they were unanimous in liking romantic fiction, with wartime stories topping the bill, followed by family sagas and historical.

Lots of different heroes were named – including Robert Mitchum, James Stewart (excellent choice!), Sean Bean, Sean Connery, Tommy Lee Jones, Martin Shaw and Tom Jones.

Heroines were clearly chosen on a different basis – because the runaway favourite was Florence Nightingale with Joan of Arc in second place. Joanna Lumley, Ingrid Bergman and Doris Day were also up there with the stars.

Favourite authors included Anita Shreave, Nora Roberts, Emma Blair, Maeve Binchy – and to my great delight, a good friend of mine – Gwen Kirkwood.

And as to the naughty or nice question – naughty won out of the park – though some tempered that by plumping for ‘naughty but nice.’ Fair compromise!




3 thoughts on “Finding out…

  1. Hello Hywela – You’ve got good taste – Richard Armitage is well worth a swoon! But for dark and brooding (albeit somewhat tongue in cheek…) I was also rather partial to Alan Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince of Thieves? Far sexier than Kevin Costner!

    • Absolutely agree about Alan Rickman. I’m sorry but Kevin Costner doesn’t do much for me – with apologies to all KC fans!:)

      Another actor I fell madly in love with years ago was Paul Darrow – not only did he look dark and brooding in the SF Series ‘Blakes 7’, but he had a voice to match!

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