Reclaim the Romance!


Hi – Welcome to my brand new blog and thank you for taking the time to stop by.

This blog is dedicated to romance. I’m calling it Reclaim the Romance – because I think people are sometimes reluctant to admit they like romance – whether it’s a romantic novel or a rom-com or a big blockbuster movie.  For some reason it seems to be acceptable to be fascinated by blood and gore and vampires and serial killers – yet if you say you prefer hearts and flowers and a happy ending – people can look at you as if you’re a little bit odd.  Well – if that’s the case – then let’s celebrate the odd!

Let me tell you straight away that I’m a romantic novelist and so I will use this blog to tell you about my latest books and audiobooks – but it won’t ever become just one big advert or shop window.  At the moment I don’t even have any books or audiobooks to sell (they’re on the way but not quite ready yet) so the first few instalments of this blog will be a chance to introduce myself – and to get to know you, so please don’t be shy – leave a comment and tell me who you are!


5 thoughts on “Reclaim the Romance!

  1. Yay – congrats on the new Blog Gilly – and giving it such a worthy cause – I’m all for reclaiming romance and will look forward to the release of your books!

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